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Get expert advice from the country's top nutritionists and athletes so you can easily take your health and fitness to the next level! Every week you will be able to listen in while I ask these experts what they eat and do to achieve peak performance in their sport.

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  • Simple workout plans and small adjustments that can have huge impact on your workouts 
  • Real life stories sharing the foods, workouts and daily routines of our nation's top athletes

You are what you eat, but do you know what you're eating?

You've probably heard the expression "you are what you eat" thousands of times already in your life, but do you know what you're actually eating throughout the day? I don't mean that you ate an apple, a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and some pretzels for lunch. What I'm really asking you is more like this...

  • Do you know where that apple was grown? When was it picked from the tree? Were any pesticides used in growing the apple?
  • What ingredients are in the peanut butter you used to make your sandwich? Hopefully, peanuts are the main ingredient, but are peanuts the only ingredient? Or are extra sugars, oils and preservatives added into the jar before you crack it open to spread it on your sandwich?
  • How about the pretzels? Do you know how many grams of sodium were included in the amount of pretzels you ate? How many servings did you have according to the serving size on the label? Can you understand each and every ingredient on the label without having to use a dictionary?

You can probably start to see what I'm getting at with all these crazy questions. And that is one simple truth that affects most of us Americans don't really know what you're eating. And therefore, you don't know what is good or not good about your current eating habits. And that's why you're not sure what changes you can make to your diet in order to improve your health and wellness and overall energy.

I'm going to help you cut through all the confusion and all the details and all the mess of today's food industry so you can know what simple changes you can make to your eating habits to naturally become the super healthy and fit warrior you know you can be. There is a better healthier life for you with lots more energy, and I'm going to show you how to get there!

I'm also going to save you lots of time and effort.

  • You don't need to read lots of books and articles on nutrition. I've already done that for you and you will get the key information that you need to know. 
  • You don't need to find the top 100 nutritionists in the world and ask them for their advice. These experts are already part of my network and you will hear from them every week in my podcast.
  • You don't need to dedicate lots of time and energy to learn what types of foods are best for your body and your fitness goals. You will get the tips, tricks and healthy eating shortcuts directly from the experts right to your ears.

What do I believe in?

  • I believe that eating better food will give you a better life, with less stress and more energy.
  • I believe that eating better food is something most people want to do, but they don't do it because they have a very busy life and don't have the time, knowledge or energy to do it.
  • I believe that eating better food is one of the best things you can do to improve your overall health.
  • I believe that eating better food is something you can do, starting right where you are right now.
  • I believe that eating better food will help you to improve your athletic performance, no matter what level of fitness or competitive sports you're in today.


YES it can!

When I first entered the food industry about 10 years ago, I knew that eating better food sounded like a smart thing to do, but I had no idea how big of a deal it actually is until I started to talk with people about it. That's when I started to hear story after story of people's lives being changed simply through changes to their diet. And that's when I really became a believer.

For example, I met one woman in her 40's who told me how she had experienced symptoms similar to Multiple Sclerosis when she was in her mid-20's. She had just gotten engaged at the time and she had no history of MS or similar diseases in her family. She saw multiple doctors to get their diagnosis and they all said that her body was detoriorating rather quickly and it was very likely that she would have to go down the aisle in her wedding in a wheelchair!

As you can imagine, this woman was devastated to hear this news and was almost in tears again as she shared this with me.

But she didn't want to accept going down the aisle on her wedding day in a wheelchair as her reality, so she reached out to a naturopathic doctor and a nutritionist who specialized in woman's health issues. Her nutritionist dove into the details of her diet and analyzed all the foods she was eating in a typical day. And this is when the story gets good...

The nutritionist recommended that the woman remove gluten from her diet and then observe how her body responded to that change. The young woman immediately took action and stopped eating food containing gluten. And you'll never believe what happened next.

In just a couple short weeks, the young woman started to feel better and regain muscle movement in her arms and legs. She continued with her gluten-free eating regimen for several more weeks and her body continued to strengthen every week. And on her wedding day, she walked down the aisle in the beautiful wedding dress she had always imagined...without the need for a wheelchair!

So you see...that is just one real life example of how eating better food can transform your life. This story helped to really open my eyes as to how important the food you eat is for your health and overall quality of life, and I hope it has helped to open your eyes more too.

Eating better food worked for her and it can work for you.

Eating better food can change your life for the better.

Eating better food may be just the right "tweak" you need to take your life and health to the next level.

Eating better food can be fun and easy to do.

Listen to my latest podcast to hear the simple tips and strategies you can start using today to eat better food and take your health and performance to the next level.


  • Do you wake up many mornings feeling tired and wish you had more energy to start your day?